About  MCA

The ministry is primarily concerned with administration of the companies act 2013, the companies act 1956, the limited liability partnership act 2008, and other allied acts and rules and regulation framed there under mainly for regulation the functioning of the corporate sector in accordance with law the ministry is also responsible for administrating companies act 2002 to prevent practices having adverse effect on competition to promote and sustain competition in markets, to protect the interest of consumers through the commission set up under the act.

The ministry also has the responsibility of carrying out of the functions of the consumers issues related to various corporate which data is mentioned by ministry, ministry also has the right to contact consumer on occasion of any kind of fraudulent investment done by consumer on any kind of fake commitment of any company.
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About  MCA

Companies act:-

Ministry holds the responsibility to manage various corporate affairs according to act 1956 among which it also resolves the various types of disputes or issues between various companies according to the low of ACT 1956.


Ministry provide services to various corporates which comes under act 1956 or out of it.


Ministry provide services to consumer by resolving disputes between consumer and corporates. Most probably investment issues of consumer in various types of companies.

Note:- Consumer can be charged to avail services from ministry.

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